When it comes to security - we are talking about TKEYSPACE.


The wallet was designed to give you complete control over your funds. No email address, no identity checks, and no other hassle.

Not another tool - a completely new approach.

Serverless architecture
Decentralization is one of the most important differences between TKEYSPACE and other wallets. The wallet does not have a single center or server that can be hacked. The app cannot be blocked or stopped by anyone.

Security and privacy
The app does not store your data, any IP, email, geo-location, balance, or encryption keys. There are no accounts, limits in TKEYSPACE. Private keys are stored only on the user's device and are encrypted.

Transaction privacy
The wallet can change the transaction processing model, mixing inputs and outputs, making it difficult to identify certain cryptocurrencies.

Communicating with the TOR network
When you enable the TOR setting, all traffic coming from your wallet will be encrypted and routed through an anonymous network of servers.

Double spending protection
The wallet can detect the risk of double-spending, protecting you from fake transactions.

Each transaction is a new address
The wallet never reuses addresses. Changing addresses plays a key role in improving privacy.

Under the hood - blockchain in your mobile

How does it work?
You don't need to understand how the engine works to drive a car. Similarly, you don't need to understand how Bitcoin works "under the hood" to use it. TKEYSPACE is a lightweight blockchain node that communicates with other nodes using p2p messages, stores block headers, and validate information using the Merkle Tree, as well as verifies transactions, filters information using the bloom filter, and fully operates in a decentralized mode.

Just compare
Install any other wallet and see if it will sync with the blockchain network. If not, you are most likely using a server application. Centralized applications usually store user's private keys on their servers, which makes them vulnerable to hacker attacks or theft. Your funds are at risk of being confiscated, hacked, and many other risks.

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All your digital assets in one place.

The wallet supports more than 30 cryptocurrencies, Tkeycoin (TKEY), Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Binance (BNB), Tether (USDT), EOS, Dash, ERC20 tokens and others.

Send and receive digital assets anywhere in the world without Bank fees, questions, or delays.

Everything you need is at hand.

Market data
Keep track of the capitalization, dynamics, and trading volumes of any of the monitored cryptocurrencies over different periods.

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Use notifications about price changes for cryptocurrencies that you would like to monitor. You will be alerted when the price change over the past 24 hours exceeds the threshold of 2% - 15%.

Purchase, exchange and withdrawal to the card.

We are working on a multi-level algorithm for finding the best prices on cryptocurrency exchanges to provide you with the best asset exchange service.